Item No:PL2022-191A

Item Name:Seth -Black 1/6 Scale Action Figure



Seth, also known as Set and Suetekh, was the Egyptian god of war, chaos and storms, brother of Osiris, Isis, and Horus the Elder, uncle to Horus the Younger, and brother-husband to Nephthys.

Seth was represented as a composite figure, with a canine body, slanting eyes, square-tipped ears, tufted (in later representations, forked) tail, and a long, curved, pointed snout; various animals (including aardvark, antelope, ass, camel, fennec, greyhound, jackal, jerboa, long-snouted mouse, okapi, oryx, and pig) have been suggested as the basis for his form. Because even the ancient Egyptians rendered his figure inconsistently, it is probably a mythical composite.

Packing List:

1)         1 x TBLeague 1/6 scale male seamless body with metal skeleton

2)         1 x donkey's-head sculpt

3)         1 x donkey's-head mask

4)         1 x decorative piece for neck

5)         1 x cape

6)         1 x armlet worn round the left upper arm

7)         1 pair x armor for lower arms

8)         3 pair x interchangeable hands

9)         1 x decorative piece for waist

10)     1 x leather garment for lower body

11)     1 x underpants

12)     1 x fabric skirt-like garment

13)     1 pair x feet

14)     1 pair x armor for lower legs

15)     1 x chain sickle

16)     1 x battleaxe

17)     1 x shield

18)     1 x base with holder