Item No:PL2021-179B

Item Name:Osiris 1/6 Scale Action Figure - Green



Osiris was the Ancient Egyptian god of the dead, and the god of the resurrection into eternal life; ruler, protector, and judge of the deceased.

He was described as "He Who is Permanently Benign and Youthful and the "Lord of Silence" The kings of Egypt were associated with Osiris in death – as Osiris rose from the dead so they would be in union with him, and inherit eternal life through a process of imitative magic.

Packing List:

1)      1 x head sculpt

2)      1 x TBLeague 1/6 scale male seamless body with metal skeleton

3)      3 pairs x interchangeable hands

4)      1 x chest armor

5)      a collar-like piece

6)      1 pair x shoulder armor

7)      1 pair x forearm sleeves with furry trim at both ends

8)      1 pair x forearm armor

9)      1 pair x lower leg armor

10)    1 pair x sleeve-like pieces with furry trim at the bottom ends for lower legs

11)    1 pair x thigh armor connected by a thin belt

12)    1 x decorative belt

13)    1 x white skirt-like underwear

14)    1 pair x hoof-shaped feet

15)    1 x sword

16)    1 x shield

17)    1 x cloak

18)    1 x scepter

19)    1 x base with holder