Item No:PL2018-111

Item Name:《芳华》电影衍生文工团女兵1/6收藏级人偶


Status:sold out

版权介绍/License Profile:


Directed by famous film maker Feng Xiaogang, Youth focuses on some characters in the prime of their lives who are from a dance troupe in the early 1970s, and tells stories of their love and capricious fates. He Xiaoping who faces discrimination because of a family scandal. She hopes to start over in a new place, but finds that the shame has followed her to Chengdu. Liu Feng is well-liked within the group but he has unrequited crush on the lead solo Lin Dingding. Liu Feng experiences the pain of rejection and is expelled from the group when he makes an unwelcomed advance on her. He Xiaoping is heartbroken because she had secret feelings for Liu Feng…Each of the members of the art troupe all learn lessons in this coming-of-age story. Their paths have led to different places and different experiences.

包装清单/ Packing List

1)1个头雕      1 x head sculpt

2)1个钢骨包胶身体      1 x TB League female seamless body with metal skeleton

3)4双可替换配件手      4 pairs x interchangeable hands

4)1双平跟舞鞋连脚      1 pair x flat bottomed dancing shoes with feet

5)1双芭蕾舞脚型         1 pair x ballet shoes with feet

6)1件橙色T恤衫          1 x orange T-shirt

7)1件蓝色T恤衫          1 x baby blue T-shirt

8)1条深蓝色短裤         1 x dark blue shorts

9)1双浅军绿色长练功袜      1 pair x light army green stockings

10)1支带刺刀步枪      1 x rifle with bayonet

11)1个子弹弹夹          1 x cartridge clip

12)1面真丝红旗          1 x real silk red flag

13)1根旗杆                 1 x flagpole