Item No:WD002

Item Name:Warcraft Film Universe - Durotan 41”Big-Budget Premium Statue - V.2



Measurements (Durotan holding the axe standing on the base): 
41”/1035mm (total height) x 23”/580mm (length of the base) x 22”/560mm (width of the base)
Packaging: in two cartons, CTN A + CTN B
Product GW: 12.5kg (approximately 27.6 pounds)
Bar code: 6 971272 330048

Materials used:
1. Costume: Real fur, leather & fabrics
2. Body: resin
3. Base: resin

Durotan was chieftain of the Frostwolf Clan, mate to Drala and father of Go'el. After traveling through the Great Gate Durotan chose to forge an alliance with the humans of Stormwind in order to save his people from the dark influence of Gul'dan and his fel magic. His choice of weapons are Sever and Thunderstrike. 

With our Durotan statue 1st. version being widely acclaimed, and people’s love for this great chieftain, here comes the 2nd. version. In contrast to the former interpretation that the character is being static, this 2nd. version is being dynamic. Durotan is putting up a desperate fight to challenge the evilness in order to save his people.

A year in the making this statue Phicen takes no short cuts . We aimed to make this version different and of a higher quality, it should stand the test from our fans even better. To achieve this, besides putting more effort in the sculpting, using authentic materials in order to have the real colors and textures, also after trial and error, we have made it more durable.  

Phicen Ltd. is proud to offer the Durotan V.2 statue in its impressive design and details.