Item No:PL2014-27

Item Name:SADISTIK 1:6 Scale Deluxe Collector Figure


Status:in stock

Diabolical Genius of Crime. Master of Disguise, Escape Artist and Expert Hedonist!

From the 1960's "pulp-cult" European law breaking super criminal character comes SADISTIK, the monster with a 1000 Masks! Also known as KILLING in Italy, SATANIK in France, and KiLiNK in Turkey where he starred in over a dozen films, SADISTIK also was featured in photo novels published all over the world.

Now, Executive Replicas, Phicen Ltd, and Go-Hero are proud to offer for the time ever, The SADISTIK 1/6TH scale action figure!


Product parameter
Product Height:       29.5cm
Product Scale:         1:6
Package:   1figure in itself black inner box
                12pcs into 1 packets box
                12pcs into 1 Carton box    
NW:         9.5kg                                        
GW:        11kg  
Inner box Size:         L34.8cm X W16cm X H7cm
Packets box Size:      L17cm X8cm X36cm
CTN Size:                  L49cm X W35cm X H37.5cm

Part list
head sculpt                                        1 pc
Phicen’s newly developed male body      1pc
mask                                                  1pc
the skeleton clothing                            1set
belt                                                    1pc
interchangeable hands                           5 pairs
knife                                                   1pc
submachine gun                                   1 pc
submachine gun clip                             1pc
pistol                                                 1pc
pistol clip                                            1pc
whip                                                  1pc
Strangulation string                              1 pc