Company Profile

Phicen specializes in the production of 1:6 scale figures. We have a team consists of expert
artists, sculptor, painters and costumers whose collective efforts resultin the creation of a
number of figures which have been recognized and adored by collectors around the world.
Since its foundation, Phicen continually researches,pioneers, and employs the newest
techniques to create realistic and hyper-detailed models. With our seamless encapsulation
technique, Phicen has distinguished itselfin the figure collectible arena. We have combined
our passion for quality, drive for authenticity, advanced production facility and pioneering
manufacturing techniquesto quickly develop and rapidly expand in the 1:6 scale world. 

Ultimately, we would like to thank you for your attention and support .We willcontinue to
work hard in the production and release of more high collection value andperformance

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